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2021-09-14 20:41:31 (UTC)

Knob Zombies

Oh, blah de blah de fucking blaaaah. Same old shite, different guy, different day. LMAO

I have lived in (slight) hope my entire life that not all males think first with their cock's, but the years have passed and I've lived this life for 43 years and ever since I was fourteen years old, it's been cock's-a'swaying and trying to make their mark on my milky white flesh. Where the fuck are your SOULS? Empty nutfuck shells, put your cock's away, cut 'em off! Use your brains, your hearts, and any possible flicker of manners, morals? If at all, possible, please.

Geez, if only I could take a vagina for the rest of my life, but I can't, I need that solid thick pole penetrating me, causing me to succumb to my knees from quivering thighs on a deep-rooted anal session.....Fuck my life...

I could fuck Captain A, I could fuck Prime, I could fuck this other dude, even Ed, even my mate Jay went and spoiled a decent friendship of six years by remarking sexually something about me. Oh, pleeeease, just all go fuck your own arseholes. It's become so boring. I can fuck for hours, I love to fuck at any time, anywhere, rough, smooth, lovemaking....all of it but there is only so much fucking two can do before it gets old. Male species, what are you? For I find no interesting consistency in you. They say we're going to have a zombie apocalypse on the CDC website, even Amazon has that shit on section 42.10 in their services and policies terms and conditions. Well, it's already here, they have already been here my entire fucking life, MEN!