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me and my life
2021-09-14 20:47:45 (UTC)


After lot of contemplation I msged G and gave him earful but politely and he still dint opened and read but am sure he read it through notification. Hw smart ass he is... i am sure he musthave gotten into a problem of horoscope or i dnt know but its just my stupid habit of giving benefit of doubt to ppl. Huh stupid me.
This actually hurted me but also made me think whyyyy on this earth ppl do this with me. If R also stops then ill go mad phewww i have to search a guyy for me asap.
My chums are late by 2 months also i feel demotivated ro do HIIT but i promise to start from tomorrow. The only things keep me away is te der breasts an abt to get chums. But dnt know when i guess i shud stop stressing specially coz of ppl like G. Uffff...what all that lovey dovey talks he did with me.
Also, today R suggested me to try for BA jobs idea is not bad but i dnt know how much will it work honestly... but no harm in trying. Can i just not get a simple job and a guy without any drama like others why on the earth is it so difficult why do i have to struggle so much phewww...
Late chum giving me mood swings to i cried today for many reasons... G, job, life am tired god throw me to Maldives hahaha...
Cya gn sdz