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2021-09-14 20:30:06 (UTC)

think im addicted to several things

1st off just want to say addiction is never good no matter what it is

my 2 main addictions atm are

beer, spirits, porn

which is the worst one I haven't a clue I'm drinking at least 5days out of 7 and by drinking I mean wasted
porn is every day or at least 6out of 7 days hey I'm single I live alone could walk around naked all day no one would care

oh my god I've got one of them twitches in the eye or in this case eyebrow it won't stop someone told me that was a stress thing I'm not sure on that

anyway i drink to get pissed don't really enjoy it but it really does help me sleep i can not remember the last time i had a full nights sleep sober
i don't that's the truth

porn that just a happy thing nothing to watch on the tv nothing new on Netflix or prime to watch for up the PC watch some sex I'm not into hardcore or animal stuff lol not into the hentia or anime

straight sex solo women or guys im pissed who cares though really prefer the solo stuff though

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