Experienced Life
2021-09-14 08:50:14 (UTC)

Back to the grind🤨

Amazingly, I woke up early this morning. Been slacking lately and since the challenge at the gym was over, I wasn't doing so many double sessions anymore. From 11 sessions a week back to around 7. Back to my old afternoon peeps. Since I was up, I figure why not hit the gym so I did. Got there and started chatting with one of my closer friends there. Yup, she's cute. Nice eye candy and so sweet but taken so I don't cross the line. Anyway, she was doing private sessions for better lifting technique but was missing out on the cardio. She says that no matter what, she is having issues with lower back pain and is unable to do certain workouts and need to modify. I told her to double on Saturdays if she wants her cardio but she said that if she does that, she's wiped out for the day. Poor thing. She's only 40 yrs old so she shouldn't be so banged up yet. But crossfit isn't easy even though I go there every day except on Sundays and double at times. I'm no better. Muscle aching is a constant and I just deal with it. I got a platinum Man-card. hehe. Just need to make sure you do the stuff correctly. That is crucial to make sure you do especially when you're tired. When tired, you tend to lose your form because...your fricking tired!!! Basic need to know stuff are back straight, breath right, lower back flat on the floor when laying down, never bend your knees inward when doing any lifting or squatting. Knees about your foot when doing lunges (Only the bent on of course).

It's also election day to say yay or yeah to boot out the current Gov and select another one if you want to boot him out. I did that on the way home. Won't say who I voted for but voting is your most powerful tool as a citizen. Not tweeting, complaining on fb, etc, etc. None of those. Funny but you hear everyone complain but I believe only 1/2 of the registered people actually vote. Pfffft!!! Besides, you get a cool sticker after voting. hehe.

I've been idle on this post and already into work for almost 4 hrs. In a short training presentation on Python programming. Not my thing. It takes a few semesters to learn this (I'm guessing) and they want to shove in high level basic stuff in 1.5 hrs. Putting me to sleep. Just need to survive staying awake till lunch so I can get out of my chair and pick up a sammie and some soup. I learn enough to learn the highlights of the subject matter and to apply what I need for my Networking work.

Finally!! Class dismissed!! Not hungry but I've been cooped up in the house for 4 hrs now. Going out to get me some lunch!! Woohoo!! First world problems.

Anyway, I'm home at my computer working. Took 10 min to post this. Mtg starting in 20 min.

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