By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-09-14 22:45:44 (UTC)


"I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
The nightmare I build my own world to escape"..

such beautiful lyrics. I did have a major crush on Amy when i just started hearing the band. Cute gothic singer. what more could anyone want right? when i was learning animation my prof used to play pink floyd in the mornings before the students came in. he is awesome. talented and humble. sometimes i used to be early and walking to the corridor to get to the lab from the back entrance reminded me of the movie SAW when Dr Gordon first finds the light switch and turns them on and one by one they come on. It was so similar to the movie i loved it. the best times are when you are surrounded by people in your own craft talking shop and being in the zone. as we grow older it gets harder to find such souls. right now i literally am alone here. in every way possible.

i don't know what happened to music. with such meaningful lyrics to the current scene. i refuse to acknowledge them as singers or artists. yet they sell out albums and enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

i remember how it felt. listening to the song my immortal sitting by the sea side alone. in the evening after the sun set. the waves crashing below. i look around and i see groups of people hanging out. and i wonder why am i so alone. their music got me through some though times. my teenage years were spent listening to three major bands. Linkin park, Evanescense and Eminem. they are fused into my very soul. when humans made me feel like shit it was these three who saved me.

Today was hectic. tomorrow also will be a bit of a rush in the evenings. Playing gta4 the first thing i did was get cheat codes and go on a killing spree. that felt good.

a thousand years from now will humans still be there? would our petty differences still go on? If the universe is expanding over our heads and over time the earth will move away from the goldilocks zone and will be inhabitable. no more life. just let it sink in. one day you wont be around any more. then what will happen? how will you be remembered as? there will still be stupid cunts around to make us miserable as fuck. you just gotta let it all slide you know. let them protest. let them destroy each other. they all will be dead anyways. women rights and gender rights fiasco will be over once you all will die so why bother with all that.