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2021-09-14 15:38:37 (UTC)


Mama Lioness has resorted to the foo's bellowing for her today :))

Just like everything in life, the truth reveals itself gradually, if left to the owner's consciousness anyway.
And sometimes I like to watch on discreetly and watch it gradually unveiling itself because it always does.
And like clockwork, the certainty of tick after tick unravelled the truth.

It is clear that every single man that I have met has endless flurries of emotional shite going on, and ALL of them say in the beginning they're squeaky clean to hook you in but none so far, have been. None, can deal with loose ends, burn those bridges and begin again with a fresh slate. It is as if they hold on to negative, heavy emotional ties just feel something from someone until they meet someone else, lol. It's all rather debilitating to their masculinity in my eyes that they cannot bear to walk the world alone for a time in order to free themselves of sticky shit.

And well, who I am to think there would be a man out there who took the initiative to respect himself enough to wash away the shite, put on some new boots and begin a new adventure with clear open eyes? I am nobody special, I don't require special treatment, but I do require a man who has the inner strength, capability, intelligence and self-respect to tie those loose ends, and walk into a new life without dragging aggravated unresolved emotional and financial bollocks behind him.

So as you may have guessed, I sighed, not once but twice the truth revealed itself. As Captain A, began opening up to me of his own free will, regarding not just one ex but a second also, and all the financial crap he is tying up with them. Doesn't really matter that he has nothing more to do with them in general but tell me, world, why would you go into a new acquaintance with a new woman with piles of shit still weighing your shoulders down and pulling you left, right and centre?

Because those men are weak. Some women too. They cannot bear to walk alone and deal with their unresolved issues alone, with their family and friends before seeking out a new lover, partner etc. They have so little self-awareness, confidence in their ability alone, so little determination and respect for the next lover to emerge in their life that they instead, seek the lover out and lay that shit all over them, judging their response and support as to whether they marry up to being a "Good Partner."

No, feeble ones. That makes the lover a strong person for walking away from allowing you to infiltrate their lives with your problems, that until a few days prior was never known facts.

So, while Captain A throws his money around to satisfy the legal money train of thirsty ex- partners. I shall refrain from offering my attention and willingness to begin a new start with him, due to it repulsing the bones of me and making me want to drink vomit that came out of my cat's arsehole instead of her mouth. Not a good thing, aye? LMFAO

My journey continues :))