My Boring Life
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2021-09-14 13:19:34 (UTC)

The Day I Tried To Live

Just got off the phone with mom. My uncle passed away a few years ago and left the house to his son but his son decided that he doesn't want the house. It's out in the middle of nowhere and my cousin likes to live in more populated areas. We're around the same age but he's done much better with his life than I have. He works on computer software (I think that's right) and is very smart. He moved to Raleigh, NC and hasn't wanted to leave since. Its where his job is and his girlfriend is so he's not going anywhere.
So mom said that since he doesn't want my uncle's old house that I can buy it from him if I want to. If not they are going to sell it to someone else but since I'm family they are willing to cut me a deal. Nice little house with 12 acres of land around it! It's mostly woods and swamp but there is a decent sized clearing around the house. I'm going off of memories, I haven't been there in 10 yrs . I do know it's very secluded though. It takes a few minutes to make it up the driveway.
Not sure what to do. I'm only a few months away from paying off the house I'm in. It's a rent to own situation that I worked out with the landlord. I don't know, sounds kinda nice though. No more watching Pinky through the window though, darn it.
I guess I need to see if I can make some fast money to get this house paid off. Then if I can sell this house maybe I'll have enough money to buy my uncle's house. This all has to happen quickly. My mom said my cousin wants to be done with this house asap so no dragging my feet. It would be nice too finally own a house. I knew I was close with this one but it's definitely not the home I always pictured myself in. My uncle's house has a lot of potential. A lot for me to do. I guess I need to get to work on these headstones. I get half the money upfront and the rest of the money after the headstone are set in the cemeteries so if I can get all my orders finished by the end of the month, I should have quite a lot of money coming to me by the beginning of next month. Just praying that every one will pay me. Sometimes the guys go to set the stones in the cemeteries but the family asks for a little more time with the payment. I always tell the guys it's fine bc I want the family to be happy and people always pay me eventually but it sucks when I'm expecting to get $1, 000.00 that day and don't get anything. I hope I can make this happen.

Well, going to get my day started now...

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