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2021-09-14 00:34:33 (UTC)

It's ok to be lonely 🥲

I've been reading a few posts and a lot of lonely people are on here and I feel for you. Yeah, it isn't the best feeling in the world to be by yourself. It's ok to be lonely. While you shouldn't wallow in it, it's ok to want to be with someone in life if you're alone. It's normal human nature. Being alone is not the most ideal situation. You deal with it and make the most of it. Don't be so lonely that you just hide in the corner of your room all curled up. I'm alone and sure, I'd like more in life but I make the most with what I got. It's like being a meat-etarian but being ok with eating a tofu burger. It fills you in the interim but only till something better comes.
Like the Frogger game, go out there and jump on a log meaning get out there and present yourself to the world. Don't just go to work and go home and watch Netflix or play online games.

Get out there and try something new. A new hobby, join Meetup, church, volunteer, hit the gym. Go out on events that even though you have no desire to do, it at least gets you outside and being outside means you're to there for the world to meet. People sometimes say they don't want to settle. Well, I disagree with that sometimes. People are saying don't settle but I believe people may overestimate themselves or maybe just maybe can't see the good in a possible partner because their minds are somewhat cloudy. I read something scary where investors are betting on pet food for future stocks. WTH? They are predicting women are going to be alone after a certain age so they'll be getting pets. Companies I hear are now investing in dog and cat food? Yipes!! I hope to God this isn't true but it does make you think. I also read that 80% of the Women are after the top 10-20% of the men. Again, I hope that's not true because it'll suck for me if it is. I'm not the top 20% of the men. Too short and too stupid. hehe. But that's how society is nowadays from what I read. I hope that's not true.

As for me, no clue on what my future holds. I'm trying to get out there in the world doing fun stuff and even going to things that has a 1% chance of having fun. I also listened to a pod cast about men and how to have confidence. The speaker said that there are false things you as a man can do to have pretend confidence. For example, wearing a Rolex, driving a Lamborghini, Rolex, etc, etc. He said that the best confidence builder is if you are ok with how your body looks in the mirror while your naked. I gave it a try...I'm now saving for a Lomborghini! haha. Kidding.

Since I'm a dude, I'll suggest stuff for a dude. Keep clean (hygiene). Buy quality colognes. Work out and try to keep in shape. Have a job and do your best at it. Get some nice clothes. Get out there and be seen and while you're out there giving it a go, stop and smell the roses. It's only one life you got. Try to enjoy life not just at the ups but also at the downs since there will be more of them to come.

If this offends you, don't mind me so much. I'm half asleep right now so 1/2 of what I'm posting is partly due to my unconscious mind doing it's thing. I look at life with great joy. Staing positive and I know something will happen eventually. Just need to stay positive till that day comes. so enjoy life through the good of course and through the bad when it comes. OK, my eyes are really about to close. Posting stuff and it's looking blurred. G night peeps. I'll post more about this when my brain is more awake. My cliff notes? Men be presentable. Women? Get that "won't settle" of of your vocabulary. It's not like that and you don't want to be that cat or dog lady in the later years.

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