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2021-09-13 19:21:34 (UTC)

Another nice mellow day😊

I know it's a Monday so it can't be all that great but...I had a good day. Got up, went to work (at my kitchen table hehe), had a light lunch, power nap, more mtgs, then work day was over. Hit the gym and it supposed to be Muscle Monday as it was called but it was an easy day. I need to work on my people skills better. There are friendly people chatting with me but for the life of me, I don't know their names. These are the new waves of gym peeps and I know I suck because they know my name but I'm such a dumbs, I don't know theirs yet. Work in progress. All I can do for now is just smile at them, make little chit chat and be friendly. Then I go to the coach and ask who the heck was this lady's name?

Now that I know about Marshall's store across the street, I went there after gym. I saw some gym shorts and liked one of them so I bought it. It's just a fleece type material but it has a Spongebob emblem on it. I thought it'd be fitting since I always say I have Spongebob arms. I'm not into all crazy pretend to be manly type prints like Beast, Punisher, or Spartan type of emblems. I got one but I like this Spongebob shorts. Makes the gym more fun and not so serious.

No drama today so I'll take it and enjoy life one day at a time. No major plans this week but I am picking up a used bed for my guest room. I feel bad that when my Sister visits, she just sleeps on the bedroom on multiple blankets. I wanted to trim down on my furniture since I live alone but I guess I could have at least one bed in the other two bedrooms. My family room does have a pullout bed but when I have visitors, no one likes to sleep in the family room.

It's nice and quiet at home. TV is off and I'm just chilling before dinner. I'm at peace and that's good enough for now. I know being single isn't the most ideal situation but I'm going to make the most of this while it's here. No mess to clean up unless I make one. Fridge and pantry are stocked. Although I'm not drinking much anymore, I still have so much liquor. I'm ready for a zombie apocalypse. I checked some flights for Vegas next month and they have a special going on and it's only $78 per flight. Works for me baby!!!

Anyway, going to shower and them make some dinner. Looking at the positives in life and making the most of it. Have a nice night peeps :)

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