The Covid Diaries
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2021-09-13 23:49:31 (UTC)

I found it

So, I thought I lost my wallet so I had my mother transfer it over to her chime card just incase something happened to it or someone stole it which had my ID and everything in it and.... Guess where it was ?

On the side of the couch in the living room the entire time because now that I think about it I did sat down and eat taco bell for dinner and I put it down and it fell in between the.sofa cushion and I never got it up.

I got scared for no reason but I did get scared for a good reason. But I made sure its in my purse this time for sure.

Anyways, went to Target today and bought a Billie Eilish shirt and Olivia Rodrigo shirt with her album that says sour on the back and I got in in XL and if its to big I'll take it back. I got the receipt no worries.

Today at work was hell they wanted me in 1409. I'm never working over their again. I think Marlon and Jaquis have a thing together because today as he was leaving the break room he was giving her a look around the corner. I bet it was the horny look and she was just smiling as can be knowing damn well she's married and she has kids. But that's her problem to solve. Just to know that I will be petty and tell her he did the same stuff to me with the horny tongue shit to me.

I told him how I felt and that he hurt me he didn't say anything. All he said was," What do you want me to say?"

I can't believe I fell for that bastord and I gotta sit here and see him at work everyday. I don't think I'm gonna be able to do it with his face and him flirting with these other girls/woman or whatever knowing he doesn't care about mines. And I also learned a very important lesson today that you can't trust NO ONE at work and the people that you so-called call your "friends".

I thought Jaquis was my friend until,she went and told people my friends. She's suck a fake. And Marlone is an asshole whom I don't even know why I was interested in a 40 something almost in his 50s year old. He act like a horny little boy. And thay what he is a boy.

I'm talking to someone who actually texts me and not read my texts like he does constantly. Fuck that and fuck him too.

I watched the VMA's last night and I laughed at what Doja Car had on. I don't know what she had on. I guess that's what she calls fashion and she looked like she couldn't even breathe in that dress also.

Do we even call it a dress?

I could never wear that. Also she had a chair on top of her head and then she took it off and sat on the chair from her head. 💀. And at the end of the show she was dressed as a turkey. But with just the hat and legs that I guess suppose to be boots.

Olivia Rodrigo won best New artists. Of coarse I Stan her second from Taylor swift.

Anyways, I'm off tomorrow and I don't have to worry about all that bullshit anymore. I'm gonna drink me some wine and relaxed. Wine Monday's. Monday's are always the worst for me. Now you see why I don't like Monday's.

- A

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