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2021-09-13 23:58:23 (UTC)

Adding Value to my life!!

Well I've been wanting to live with only the essencials in my life, and for some reason I kept struggling with how to do it so it can stay that way...well finaly came across a documentary that's called minimalist and how to live with only the things and people and thoughts that add value to my life. And am proud to say I've been feeling damb good about myself doing this. I've managed to reduce more than 60 % of the things that don't add value to my life and only keep the things that do. And let me tell you, my energy levels have gone up since I staryed this process and I feel decluttered, new ideas have come to mind and how to improve my healthy life style as well as reconect with what truly matters like meditating and love making. For real am blow away to see that with these small changes my whole being feels at ease and my mind is so much quieter. So now the true challange for me is to keep it going...wish me luck! Happy weekstart everyone. Smile life is beautiful!

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