no name
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2021-09-13 18:53:10 (UTC)

Shank me.

I’m an insecure fudging snowflake.
And smiling makes me want to die.
And I kinda get reminded of my flaws even as I read. Fudging thighs. I swear. I need to exercise. But she was such a pretty character, I wish I looked like that. I’m traumatized by my own face. What a reality I live in. I’m so hot rn. I hope I fudging burn to death. Or evaporate. Spontaneous evaporation and whatnot. Maybe I should,, try autopiloting or something. I wish I could just take a seat in my mind and let my body go on a rampage without my input. I’m so done. Just done. Done thinking. Done doing. I don’t even want to talk to anyone. Disregard any previous entries. I just want to stop existing for a bit. I’ve been overworked by the universe itself.

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