If I die today
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2021-09-13 14:07:23 (UTC)

the usual

I'm here instead of going to the store since I'm waiting on a delivery and nw its a bit late to walk to the store before nDea is home so here I am watchin drphil. Pretty routine day did switch chores and a walk since I wanted to bleach the tub we went to run after but the dog is having some bad sneezing fits outside and it does smell slightly smokey so we walked instead. Anyhow all the usual vitimans, and so on 1 exercise video but will do another outside while nDea relaxes after work. i'm on gas-ex now too just a few to try to fliush out any excess bloating . I'm having my last kettle1sprizer now . my 1drink today yesterday I finished shamefully the box of wine I dumped on cup in walmart parking lot and we went to bed leaving half a cup full. but the box was emptied all me . no bad side effects that I know of but probally wasnt nesseary drinking but didnt seem to dam me on a sunday. Anyhow no real intentions today just tryin to figure out if how or what I can should do in regaurds to my parents the bathroom vainity colasped which causesed all kindsa problems they should be getting estimates today and my friends yLindse and her husband I just worry about them not that they are suffering but its a cold hard world out there and defintly it wouldn t be fair or right for them to ever have to do without. not that its an inmate thing but you never know with thier jobs and his health and so on and children are costly too so little yBaile is proably a large bill to foot . this is todays thoughts. things are as usual they typical weekday