Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-09-13 21:32:13 (UTC)

Because I can, it's mine nobody else's 👌

The song of me today

My words reverberate through the thoughts of the ones that didn't want to listen.....
= Offered my boss' job.

My efforts proved those wrong who stood by the one who tried to downgrade me.....
= 900k sold in three months. Miles ahead of everybody else.

My resilience to bypass modern law with common law without a marriage or children with him to fight for my future, to protect my hard graft and investments.....
= Now own 500k home

My determination to protect, invest, save to relieve myself and my daughter of financial burden when I am old....
= A daughter set up for ownership of her first home without a mortgage.
= A retirement whereby I can travel without money concerns.
= Current mortgage paid off in the next three years.

A mindset that see's my first priority is my boundaries. My experiences. My journey. My trusted loyal loves of my life. My family ❤

A fearlessness that laughs at challenges, spits in the face of fear and overcomes the hurdles that try to knock me down.

An acceptance and mastering of my flaws, my quirks, my insatiable fire, encapsulating them into full force of who I am.

I just keep going.....I'm unstoppable