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me and my life
2021-09-13 05:22:24 (UTC)

Cant take it any more because it hurts

That bloody G is just getting on my nerves. He hasn't reverted me or has talked to me si ce 3 days. He did not gm me also. And he is replying 1 word msg to me and i can clearly see that am being ignored which is the most annoying thing for me. And i guess its enough now i cant take it more from him because it hurts me. He has been talking all lovey dovey and suddenly such immature behavior.
He always say he is busy hell huh even if person is busy he replies if he has to. He will be there online but he will ignore my msgs i guess he has lost his mind. I always told him he can state it clearly if he or I wish not to continue talking but I guess ppl are very inconsiderate and immature in such aspects. Last time he ignore me and i was too naive or stupid i should say that i thought something was wrong with him and he made a lie excuse and now again same. I guess beta K now stop it and move ahead but the question lies that why ppl do this to me? I have right to know but i always dont want to give him that much importance... do hell with him....
Am.not replying him now.
I just pray to god that i get a job asap and that will solve half problems.
But this really hurts me and makes me feel sad and stressed.