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2021-09-12 20:19:29 (UTC)

Nice weekend 🙂

I'm pretty satisfied with the weekend. Got to do some of my "to dos" and the house stayed relatively clean. Went impure shopping and found a new store I never knew existed. It's like the Dollar Tree but instead of things being a buck, it's $5 bucks so there are more interesting things than just the dollar tree. There are weights there that are selling for $1 a pound. During Covid, weights like dumbbells were selling for up to $3 a pound. Crazy prices. Not sure if it died down or it's just at this store.

I bought a couple of 3 lb dumbbells. I have a set at home but nothing lighter than 5 lbs. I need these in case I want to use them while jump roping, jumping jacks, or to help me jump higher on my box jumps. I can do 30" and the next level at the gym I can go is 36" and that's due to the box sizes there. I wish there was a 33" combo I can gradually jump up to but there isn't so it's 30" then 36" would be the next set. Being 5'6", that's gonna be tough for me. Anyway, I bought a T shirt that went something like "Be the person you dog thinks you are". I thought it was catchy so I bought it for 5$.

The gym classes last Friday and Saturday put a hurting to us for sure. Lots of jumping so my right knee is now hurting and feels like it's gonna pop off. hehe. Jenny told me that she didn't do a 2nd session on Saturday because her knee was hurting after the first session. So yeah... box jumps are evil for all!!! Still gonna do it and try going higher because I'm a man and men are stupid. That's why we don't live as long as women but it's in our DNA so it can't be helped. 🤪

Next them that the gym will have is pajama day. Not sure when that'll be but this time, I did order my stuff and I'm ready for it. I had to modify the shorts because it's a one button fly and PJs aren't meant for gym so things easily pop out of it. I'm a perv but even I have my limits. So silly me had it taken to get the fly sewn shut. Got a generic cotton shirt but I like the shorts with the funny decorations on it. Should make for light conversation when we hit the gym. And unlike other peeps, I think I do have a decent looking butt. Posted a pic of it below.....Not!!! hehe.

I had to get both vehicles washed today. Acura was looking blah with the short rainfall we had this weekend. Just mucked up the dirt into spots of dirt all over my car so yeah.. it needed a wash. Did the truck too and was able to put the tire shine on it. Looking pretty again as usual. We now have a lot of Tacomas at the gym. New members swarmed in after the Covid thing lifted for a short time and we have as many as 4 tacomas parked at the same time. Very cool to see.

The oldest of two Sisters called checking up on me asking if I've gone on vaca lately. Told her I did a short stint in Reno and I'm contemplating Vegas next month just because. I want to see some shows and maybe some social gambling. Otherwise, a pretty enjoyable and peaceful weekend. Ready to take on the week. Later diary.

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