Lost for words at times
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2021-09-12 17:25:04 (UTC)

Annoyed at me

Well l heard from him. It was pathetic me that insigated the texts. He is mad at me! Is he seriously joking... l feel like a chastised child and he won't tell me what i've said or done.

Today l didn't do much apart from reflect on whats been going on in my life recently. I've just realised over the past few months l have began to isolate myself from family & friends. Reason why... situations that i'm embrassed to being in, and not wanting them to judge.
l know i'm causing concern with my children as i'm not returning calls or mesages. When l do, l tell them l was sleeping. How can l tell them. It's better to say nothing at all. I miss them ~cries~ i've literally allowed my house to become my prison and the only regular communication i've been having is with him. And that has been cut off.

This isn't looking good is it..

My song for today ' Is anybody out there' Machine head

(It makes me feel a happy angry. )

"Is there anybody out there?
Anybody listening to me?
Is anybody else scared?
The paranoia, drops me to my knees
Does anybody feel lonely?
Disconnected from the things I see
Is there anybody out there?
Anybody out there just like me?
I'm choking on these words and l can't breathe"

Take care of you x

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