Shakespeare's moon
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2021-09-12 11:35:02 (UTC)


It has been a few crazy days and I just had a lot on my mind and the alone time has had me reminiscing of my past and the freedoms I had. I never knew how much I have changed and let go of myself by being tethered to you. I remember the freedom of just dancing and enjoying my life. Freedom to speak freely, be who I was and enjoy what I wanted. I think of how much stronger I was then. Who would have known that by loosing my freedom, not only would I lose me, but my strength. Lately I have started to break free of the ties that have held me down lately. Exploring more and more along where I wanted to go and where I should be. Stupid things like my love of speed and motorcycles, spanish music and dancing randomly just because. Times I would just turn the music up and dance and shake my hips along and sing loudly along. Back when my knowledge of those things was still strong in my mind. Back when I felt beautiful and sexy and didn't care about anyone else's opinion of it all. I've noticed a lot more grey to my hair lately and I know it's from the amount of stress of all the things going on. Currenly my heart has grown cold and I am tired of your complancency to it all. Others tell me how beautiful I am, and while I want it from you, I am also to the point I dont want to hear it from your lips either. I am tired of the hurt, feeling broken and defeated, that change is going to have to be done by me. I want my daughter to see what a strong woman really is.

"Hace tiempo le rompieron el cora (el cora)
Estudiosa, puesta pa' ser doctora (doctora)
Pero (pero), le gustan los títeres wheeleando motoras " Bad Bunny

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