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2021-09-12 09:59:00 (UTC)

Room rental Filled

Sunday, ‎12 ‎September ‎2021

Old man's Room News/Complaints
Well, looks like I have found someone agreeing to fixing up as well as repairing for four adults to move in on November 3, 2021. Since Arkansas laws are made more for the owners of the property, I use a simple room rental agreement as shown below. The agreements already signed by me, as well as verbally agreed to repairs at their own expense over a period of time to make up the difference for rent. Verbally things like cat litter box cleaned daily, checking up on any trash left in or around yards as well as trash taken out to road each Tuesday night for pick up. All utilities including Pest control provided by the owner of the Property who also lives in one of the rooms of said property. This is more of the verbal items we agree to, as no reason to list everything in a room agreement when verbally both parties agree. I believe in Trust and the word of people more than a signature. These adults will be in charge of everything inside as well as outside of the house. They will also tell other room rentals if they're not cleaning up after themselves to start doing so or plan on moving. Yards agreed to be kept up when summer arrives again. No drugs or alcohol is illegal to be used on said property. Anyone that smokes will do so in their own rooms or outside. Owner John Lewis Sr. Never to be bothered whatsoever. If can't clean up after yourself, then start looking for someplace else to move. Anything that bothers you can be addressed to my son John Lewis, and he will talk it over with the new caretakers doing everything for room rentals and they understand no income will be paid. No overnight visitors, wish to visit then do so at their homes or rooms. No loud noise after 10 PM inside of the house as other roomers may be sleeping for work the following day. Respect each other's rights as they will yours. Can't get along or agree then MOVE! AT this time all rooms are filled and will let everyone know when I have another room ready.

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