no name
2021-09-11 22:27:02 (UTC)

Goodbye to a World

Goodbye to a world is a song that used to scare me with how sad it made me feel every time I listened to it, I was still addicted to that pain though.
I think that it makes me feel like I’m losing everything, and everyone. But thinking about it differently, me becoming lost. Leaving. Saying goodbye. It doesn’t feel that bad. I know everyone would be fine and I don’t think anyone would feel much about it. So it would be okay. As long as I wasn’t losing them, I’d be fine. There’s no dread. No panic. It feels like a peaceful death. Drowning slowly, without the intense pain of suffocation. Falling off a building in slow motion, y’know. Just floating away or whatever. It just feels so much better.
Just as nice as I feel being encapsulated by these covers. Trapped in my own irresponsibility and thoughts. Dark and alone. Reminds me of the void.

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