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2021-09-11 19:18:44 (UTC)

Bloom over Doom

Sometimes we've got to stop reaching out to the worldly going-ons and concentrate on our own happiness ~ We are brought to believe being selfish is wrong, it isn't. It is self-love, self-care, it's giving yourself a chance for happiness, contentment, oneness. If we cannot find love and care for ourselves first and foremost, we cannot offer it to another person without understanding the fundamentals of completing oneself.

When you do this, the way you react, behave, present yourself, and come across to another rubs off onto them and they then feel and see a small sense of what it means and hope to find it themselves. You do not need to be a hero in order to be an aid in helping someone else or impacting their lives positively. You just have to be you, someone who has already faced the demons, fought the internal wars, faced their fears, and dragged yourself through it to come out the other side a changed aware, soul-aligned person. Because your version of an ideal environment, or of happiness is possibly different to the next person, they have to find their own truth and can see that in you, and proceed to seek theirs.

Soooo, news on T-Street!
I had a very good date today with Captain A, we spent all afternoon together by the ocean, had a drink, plenty to talk about (as usual lol) no awkwardness, he was a gentleman, affectionate towards me, and very engaged the whole time, in fact, he wanted me to stay into the evening with him and go for a bite to eat!

We took a trip from one side of the ocean to another stretch too, as he wanted to show me the Viking boat there. His dog and I fell in love, lol, he kept following me, then cuddling up to me when we sat. And at the end of the date when I said I should go now, we walked back to our cars and he kissed me, but I thought he was going for my cheek but he wasn't, LMAO, so it was a half peck and I said, 'Oh, we're doing that! Well, you best kiss me again then." which he did and mmmm, I only allowed him the one kiss (no tongues lol) and satisfyingly said, "Ok, I'll see you later then, ciao!" and walked to my car. As I was strapping over the seatbelt he came walking towards my car, he said, "I was thinking best route home for you, you can follow me to the roundabout if you like and go off from there?" I said, "Okay, I've GPS but I can follow and go from there, thank you." then he grinned and said, "The real reason I came was to do this....." and then he leaned in through my window and kissed me again, at length! and my knickers soaked themselves, LOL, dayum!! His kisses were fucking scrumptious! And when he stopped he said, "Your lips, there are so nice! Already they have made it difficult for me to walk back to my car."

On my way driving back home he called me, just to see if I was alright, lol. I was, obvs, I missed the first call as I had tunes playing loud cruising the roads. Once I was home I text to say I was home as he asked me to let him know, then we talked on the phone and both agreed we want to see more of each other and enjoyed our day. So we're going out tomorrow late afternoon into the evening, for some drinks by the sea. We've picked a spot where we can be alone, but still near the village but on the beach.

I'm looking forward to seeing him, and I want more of those kisses too :))

The weather might have denied me a hot girl summer but things are certainly looking hotter regardless, lol.