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2021-09-11 07:59:32 (UTC)

Didn't choose the boat cruise😌

I didn't go to the cruise last night. Instead, I went to the special 90 min friday night workout. It was a blast. Another themed workout and this one was disco. I didn't have enough time to shop for fun disco apparel because I got stuck at work but there were a lot that did. The gym was made to look like a disco club. Coaches were dressed in bell bottoms and shiny sparkly clothing. It was a blast. Since it was a big event, they had some stations outside in the parking lot like suicides and soccer taps on the sidewalk portion. The music was all disco music too. Donna Summer was in the music playlist.

Coach had the blow horn thing outside saying we get extra points for dancing while doing soccer taps. I made my best lame impression of doing the John Travolta dance of pointing you finger up at an angle and twirling your hands around each other while doing soccer taps. It was so silly and so stupid that I couldn't stop laughing while doing it. Of course, that makes it harder to breath because of that but it was so much fun. Even doing plank dips, I was trying to dip to the beat of the music and made the coach laugh.

I think I made the better choice rather than going on the ship to party, dance, and get drunk. I saw the post of my friends dancing and having fun on the cruise but I wake up this morning not hung over and not regretting drinking whatever it was I'd probably have been drinking. Not to say there isn't some damage from yesterday's workout. My shoulder muscles are hurting from too many planks, burpees, and bicep curls. I'm careful not to drop anything on the floor because picking it up now while my hamstrings feels this way? uh.. no bueno.

Just got back from doing a double session at the gym. I feel pretty good. Whatever pain I have and stiffness in the morning (minus my usual area that causes me #1 issues) it all goes away once warmed up at the gym. I'm sure I'll be feeling something else tomorrow morning but for now, I feel great!!! I'm not hungry but I should get some protein in me. I'm thinking steak again and at Lumberjack restaurant where the portions are automatically supersized. Today's theme was red, white, and blue for obvious reasons. Easy peasy. Just dress up with no color coordination. Red shorts, blue and white shirt, and white mma gloves. Ta-daa!!!

The day is young, going to have lunch then probably more of my impulse shopping and wash my truck or car. I really have to reiterate that the gym has 10 times more of a benefit than seeing a shrink. At least that's my opinion. I rarely reach bonker-mode and I know it's due to hitting the gym and getting the happy chemicals flowing in me.

I'm contemplating going on a little vaca again. This time....Vegas. Not too many friends like going there as not too many like to gamble. It's not just the gambling but the shows and cool things to buy there that attracts me to Vegas. I used to get once a year for Dart tournaments. Now that I'm not playing, I rarely go now. Sigh... All my Vegas bound friends got old and no longer wish to go due to dunno... being old or no money. Oh well, maybe it's a good thing. I get to spend my money on other need-to-have stuff instead. That's it for now diary. Gotta go out and get into some mischief.

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