If I die today
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2021-09-11 06:50:45 (UTC)

whats today

This morning I do reconize sept911 and I really dont know what to believe weather this was "real" or not. This morning I believe ok no matter if its staged forged or fake something happened bottom line that destruction was real and the suffering an pain on innconcent victims did occur even if it was preplanned or malintended "they" did wipe out those buildings and there was people. Althou I dont know what really happened or didnt happen there was hurt suffering and victims. maybe thats the bottom line. Very sad tragic event(s). It would seem theres nothing to do about it other than accept that this happened and move on as an indivual or even in groups would there be any coarse of action 20years later to respond for good weather to just find some protection or comfort or justice is there any oppruintity to do anything. I dont think theres anythhing to do now but beware today is an anniversay and oppruinty/and or excuse for the wicked to rise up straight forward or blowing smoke. If someone is missing a remembering someone or maybe even something some lifestyle or anything they lost comforting may be a good thing. I just dont see anyone who needs anything in front of me and really wouldnt know and am not inspired to search but there must be some hope here or oppruinty good somewhere in this anniversy overall in the whole world right?

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