If I die today
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2021-09-11 06:38:00 (UTC)

coffee coffee

Having coffee now to help perk up before I get ready for coffee with yLindsey. Slept from about 11 last night till well 6ish was awake 7 or so movin. no drinking last night.Had chinese food . I did dream last night something about living in a hotel type thing with a few peope and some were couples and slowy but surely they kept moving out or leaving one way or another I want to saymy wunt who is really dead was in there and she died that was her exit. then toward then end of the dream the house/apt.hotel was empty so I had just a curtian with the sliding glass door open and was thinkin do I just sneak back in here then I thought oh well I call and aks mom for a hotel funds for a month or so even if its just paying this one and then it was lik oh well what about nDea and then I woke up. But thinking was like nDea should could would provide housing.
was on letter H for writing to people and aving a hard time with that and i doesnt have any obvious and J something occuers to me Jen-nifer G.( why do I keep forgeting her full name?) anyhow the girl I used to bully in middle school IDK if I'll write abouther or not but just a lotta thoughts on it. She really was a victim. Theres no way to make that about me even if something caused me to do that its doesnt matter she was an innocent victim so I guesss all Icould do is a pologise IDK is it something you ever offer or try to exsplain yourslef on ? Mybe the reasons? Idk. Its a tough one. Well anyhow Im listening to truth unedited while I write and after this and and the coffee gotta get ready for L

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