By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-09-11 16:58:42 (UTC)

Weekend is near.

I work saturdays too. so sundays is my one day i can relax and by my antisocial self. happy happy.

i'm going to be taking my laptop home today with me. i leave it at work since i use it daily there. tomorrow will be the day of gaming and food and sleep. like how it was back in the 90's.

there is too much negativity out there in the world. don't go down that rabbit hole. once you find something wrong in the world then i shit you not you will keep finding more and more. and those questions have no answers cause not everything has to make sense.

i don't think time was simpler back then. the people were less stupid i feel. a bunch of wusses now. if i could stop the invention of anything it would be Netflix and Tiktok. yep. these two gotta go. they are the poison in our system. toxic. and it's well camouflaged too. very few can detect it's foul presence. let alone battle it.

my workout has to resume again. i figured out that if i wake up at 9am then i can fit everything in my morning schedule. so will try that. from next week. my book stand needs some cleaning so will do that too. my precious. speaking of which i need to finish the trilogy too. i got them all. Hobbit and LOTR. as i was travelling home yesterday evening i put on some LOTR music and it was wonderful.. to watch these humans scurry about in their short pathetic lives not knowing the beauty that awaits them in the halls of Gondor.

when was the last time you ever wrote like a river just your words flowing through. no clear thought or structure. just randomness. freedom.

watching them discovery shows about the past it seems we were pretty much brutal back then too. it's so watered down right now. back then you could kill two men in a bar with a fucking pencil. now you get into trouble for calling a man a woman. dogs for example. beautiful and naturally evolved gorgeous beasts. then when humans started messing around with genetics we get hyper sensitive little rats who are clueless about their own existence. humans can create, destruction.

travel back or forward in time? i can't decide. if i go back then how far back? as the saying goes any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. so if i take a selfie back then ill be tried for witchcraft. go back further to the great empires of civilization or back to the stone age? what we take now for granted is hard earned back then. if we travel forward in time then again how far along? few hundred years? would we still be there?

the future is uncertain. there is no fate but what we make.

this entry has about a dozen of movie lines just put in here by my brain. its like when you see a movie and its forgotten but when you sit and type then all of them quotes and shit come flooding in and you can't complete a sentence without using them. sipping on my evening coffee is good.

as the sweet saturday morning sun rays hit you, and you may or may not read this...have a great weekend you bunch of cunts.


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