Uber adventures
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2021-09-10 22:50:20 (UTC)

End of day 2

I was back in the Charlotte airport, trying to catch a standby flight to Rochester. I was keeping the family in NY informed of what was happening. Of course I headed to the nearest bar and started drinking again. The first flight had no openings. The clerk at the gate told me he had put me on standby for the next one. So I had about 3 hours to kill. I really dont mind hanging out in airports and having a drink at the bars. I chatted with a few people. I was able to catch the 2nd flight to Rochester. I texted my sister right before it left. Neither of us had ever been to the Rochester airport before. I made it, got off the plane, and headed down the escalator. Saw sis & Syd waiting for me at the bottom. I gave them both hugs. We headed home, which is about a 2 hour ride from Rochester. I was pretty exhausted at this point. We made it to Watertown. I hugged mom and put my luggage away. My sister Robin who I hadn't seen in years was there with her granddaughter. My nephew Ty had told me he had a firepit going out back and we should join them. After I got settled, I did just that. A bunch of his friends were there hanging out and drinking. Syd, Olive and I went into Ty and Olive's house, to the back porch. She had a bong out there and we all took a few hits. We went back out to the firepit. The day was getting real long for me. I told everyone goodnight soon after that. I had to go see my dad the next day. I stayed in mom's bed, which is on the back porch of Sis's apartment. Day 2 finally came to a close for me. What a long, crazy day.

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