The Covid Diaries
2021-09-10 22:31:35 (UTC)

So I went and bought 3 more ..

So I went and bought 3 more books from Books A Million today since we were already in Eastchase because me and my mother went to chillis for lunch and got their 8 dollar deal combo with a house salad. I tried their Tropical Margarita and it was so good. Really food.

Also I took care of some grown folks business. If feels good to say that. I went and got a loan today and I was approved. So that feels great. But I'm glad I'm finally back home because my head started back hurting again.

Z has covid so I've been checking on him and we video chatted yesterday and hopefully today as well if, he's up to it. We've been sending lovey dobey gifts to each other all day. I liked it a lot and him. He's 6'0 and I'm 5'4 so just imagine how we'll look in person.

Yea I'm short as hell.

- A

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