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2021-09-10 18:25:37 (UTC)

Bracing myself.

I cannot watch these romance films properly. It's just trust issues blaring and flaring in my head that the feelings being shown aren't mutual, maybe I'm projecting or trying too hard (subconsciously) to put myself in this character's shoes but like. I can't. It hurts to see those kinds of words exchanged, like I'm bracing myself for one of them to snap and reveal that it was all nothing, just a fluke, not real love. I don't even know what love is.

Not to mention the fact that these dudes are literally stripping, WHY. Is that normal? Knowing someone for like a week and all of a sudden thinking you should get naked with them? Really. I've never even had someone of the opposite sex in my room before. It's more confusing. Bizarre really. I hope I meet someone that would rather cuddle than 'do it'.

me using this pandemic for character development really isn't okay because now I won't have the high school experience to show off that character development. f this.

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