This is real/This is me
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2021-09-10 21:51:45 (UTC)

Its Friday!

My weekend begins now! Man it was a busy day. Work was okay, mostly me just crushing it and showing ppl how amazing i am at it lol. Last night i wrote about how the wife irritated me with a request she wanted lol. well she ended up coming back out like 5 min later and ended up doing it herself lol. I think she might have known it annoyed me a bit, but shes amazing for catching that lol. The little sister wants us to come over and check out the new appt and have a few but me and the wife arent drinking so idk if we'll be any fun. i dont mind still coming over just to check it out but i know they wanted to have drinks all together and just have a good time but we're still waiting to take a pregnancy test.

Ive been dying to take a pregnancy test but its still way too early.... its all i can really think about so i need to keep my mind busy. i also wish i could have a drink or even smoke some of my weed but i dont want to take any chances with the hopefull pregnancy. My mom asked if i could maybe watch my niece and nephew for a couple hours lastnight, i kind of didnt want to but only becuase i had a long stressful work day. i did offer to watch my niece cause she's a bit older and mentioned that maybe my brother could watch my nephew since hes younger and i didnt have the energy to keep up with both at the same time. she ended up calling me later to say she would just watch the kids cause my nephew would get fussy for not being able to go with his sister so she wanted to avoid that. i felt kind of bad about it but relieved. My sister who's their mother isnt really part of their life because shes mixed up with drugs and bad ppl and is out of state right now. My whole family helps to take care of them but my parents are their gaurdians. it makes me so sad to think about it cause we use to be so close growing up. I miss her so much...

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