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2021-09-10 12:04:35 (UTC)

Of course the timing is right 😖

So... the ex wife texted me. Timing is perfect. May as well! Sheez. Nothing new but not wanting to really hear from her especially since I'm on the down swing of life at the moment. Nothing new. She says she misses me and all that stuff. Normal bread crumbing. Yes, there are names to what these people do. I'm unfortunately too good and too on to it so it's more of an eye rolling event if anything. I just didn't really want to deal with it right now. My energy level is low. Couldn't really sleep well last night even though I didn't have any bad dreams or at least I don't recall if I had any bad dreams.

Still not sure what I'll be doing tonight. Either go on that boat cruise or just hit the gym's special night session. Meh... I should just forget about crap for now and just have lunch and a power nap. Then I'll see which way my mind is blowing towards. Well, I've been in mtgs all day long. It's lunch time already so adios for now diary. Quick stop to Subway for a sammie then I'll heat up some soup. Oh, Shanti was hinting about going fishing tomorrow. I told her have fun and good luck. Not paying for her expenses and not driving her. Princess will have to cough up some of her own cash for this and drive herself. Besides, I got a double session tomorrow at the gym. I'd rather do that than to hang with miss privy.

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