Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-09-10 18:58:47 (UTC)

Sonic brain splurge

Im rushing off the excess blurb from my weeny-teeny brain in light speed fashion dahling, because I know Captain A, is going to call again soon and my phone that felt recently abandoned from life as we know it, LOL, keeps having phone orgasms from the continuous buzz, ping, ding from Captain A and my pals...I go through moments of needing to fall off the planet from time to time, mama lioness does a lot, has a lot to do on a daily buzz of my daily grind (mmm) but once that little moment has passed, I'm back on the horse, riding that beaut into the world again and it's like the world (well my tiny little corner of the earth) has been waiting for me.

Well, haaaaallloooo! :))

Umm, the point of this post was that I've been telling Phil all about Captain A, and me being me, a psychoanalyst of any said target I choose upon, I have noticed that Captain A, has all these grand things and says he works but he never does!! Every day, I send somewhere inconspicuously amongst the numerous texts, "So what are you up to today?" and I always get answers that do not relate to actually working, lol. And he is doing this or that throughout the day. So, I am confuzzled to the hilt, and my super antenna is going all buzzy.

Who the pickle is Captain A?

He's a posh sort, hmm, my tingley curiosity is spazzing out.....I'm going to get to the bottom of this....worse part is when it comes to romances of the heart I can't see the woods for the trees, spirituality. This is part of the curse, not the blessing!