Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-09-10 13:56:12 (UTC)

Broom, broom! 🚘

Changed my new BMW from black to Artic White.....its being made and won't be ready until March!!! 😮 But it's all cool beans, my company is letting me keep the Audi till then 👍😁

Me and my old pal from work who Prime gave a job again, is going out for a drink with me next week and Prime is coming too. 😋 Should be a good night.

Not sure what my Navy man (Captain A) will think of that...but then he doesn't rule my life lol. He calls me a lioness how uncanny is that! Also he calls me "First Mate TT" in navy terms meaning he wants me to steer the ship (lead our direction) but he is the Captain.....Bellissimo! That's just how I like it.

He is a very distinguished, classy man. I've bought carrots for "bach" his dog who is coming on a walk with us. His dog is obsessed with eating carrots lol.

I went on a cleaning spree....cleaned my oven, microwave, steam mopped all the floors, hoovered throughout the house, polished and cleaned the shower and cleaned the kitchen bin and done washing. 😆 vit C & D and my power concoction I take everyday gives me so much energy other than my hikes.

Anyways, im.not bringing Captain A, home to mine on Saturday or Sunday. But my house is smelling 👌

With all the shit going on in the world with the NWO I've resulted in the mindset to just enjoy my life as much as I can, enjoy the little luxuries I earned, and after such a long fight, saving, hard reach this point, the world toff's will do what the world toff's do. So fuck them, im doing what I can do for me.....enjoy my life! 😝🌈 ☀️ 🦁

I'm going to have long hot bath with the ultra sexy smelling bath bomb I bought from "Lush" store when I get home and make a T-alicious fresh salad with a shit ton of fresh chilli....coz that's how I roll. 🤣😂🤣😂 💋