By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-09-10 10:48:07 (UTC)

Rules don't apply to the rich.

It's true. Once rich and famous you have the power to brainwash the people into doing whatever you wish.

Humans are stupid. There is no law regulating the taxing of the rich. The rich know their ways and will show only a tiny amount as their income to the tax collectors. And will be taxed accordingly. It's official. Nobody can touch them. That to me is the first big mistake.

Instead of changing the laws the humans fight and argue for petty shit like gender rights and I know see myself as a woman etc.

How about we tax the richest man the most. And we tax the poorest guy the least. How about we use that tax money not in funding wars but development of the towns and cities. Getting people off the streets. Providing employment. Getting them into the working class. This is all done on a very small scale but some good hearted souls.

Priorities are all so fucked up everywhere. They all wanna get rich or die trying.

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