This is real/This is me
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2021-09-10 21:45:00 (UTC)

First Entry

This is my very first online diary entry! I'm actually pretty excited to do this... I've always wanted to do one and you know what? I think its actually a pretty great time to start one. Me and the wife just reconciled with a couple ohana members and are now starting to hang out together more. The parentals are entering into a new stage of their life, and we just inseminated for the second time this past Labor Day weekend! We have a really good feeling about this cycle. So far I am 3 days post ovulation so I still have a ways to wait before I can take a test.
I'm killing it at work and basically trained a whole new team under me. My boss comes off as kind of a bitch because when she speaks to people it kind of sounds like she's talking down to them. I also work with my wife but she is in a different department.

Side note>>> The wife irritated me just now. She caught one of the dogs nawing on old dry cat poop from one of the litter boxes and they were holding it between their paws. She is telling me about the incident and then proceeds to tell me to wipe her paws down.... I tell her why doesn't she since she just witnessed it and the dog is sitting right in front of her but becuase she just wiped down the kitchen after she cooked and washed her hands i should do it.... I dont know how many times ive done something exactly like that. i.e. cook, clean and wipe down the dog if they got into something. idk it just irritated me that she couldnt just do it right then and there.

But anyways i guess im going to go now and wind down... ive been up since 4 and have to be at work at 6....