If I die today
2021-09-09 17:37:47 (UTC)

the news

Well last night sleeping was rough it seems like it was a bit between laying down and falling asleep. and I had dreams and in one dream i was pregenat. then my parents were there and it turns out I wasnt pregent and I was in a car they were testing my cellphone I was supposed to hold it in the air near my head for some sorta treatment even thou I hadnt admited I had no inention of doing the treatment. dont know aht the dream means. 3 something am I thought nDea was up and watching tv in the other room in the dark and I moved over to check the clock and rolled on him then I looked back out and didnt see the same light I thought I saw as the tv. Anyhow it was an odd night. physically nothing really outstwanding same old stuff this afternoon the air seemed a bit smokey but otherwise nothing to report out of the ordinary. So this afternoon the news is really disturning and upsetting me the whole madating v thing. to me its like the leader of this nation is done everything but directly saying there is a war with the noncompliant. This is tyranne. I pray and hope that employeers dont comply I am worried about my own future as I depend on the go-v and I am worried for nDea Idk if he will wont wants too or not take the solution I wouldnt ressent him for doing it or not but the time could come where we are forced to make choices. I have no intention of complinance but I also know I'm not very strong. I'm pretty upset about this new thou and the bs I dont know its probally not healthy for me to keep watching the news considering I dont believe half of it and the other half I dont agree with like the whole abortion thing all these people wanting their reproductive right well what woulda happened if they're mothers choose rightly to abort them. Sick sick people. Some may not know better others have and adenda and some are jut dam selfish. IDK . Anyhow its all very upseting I have no comment on the weather today thou. Its late I still havent paid my loan payment. my brain is starting to slow down so guess this is whats on my mindtoday nDea just started a game so maybe I ll go read for a minute