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2021-09-09 19:22:47 (UTC)

Oh myyyyyy, God!

So I met up with my boss today, we went for a coffee, a chat, a walk through town.

I'd spent the morning training a colleague in one of my branches as my boss was late and my colleague is having an operation and needs several weeks recovery at home but he still wants to work. He is a new starter (came back to us from previously working with us) but our systems software has changed a lot.

So I organised a laptop for him, software to be set up on it and trained him on my laptop and set up his access.

When my boss finally arrived and after our time out in town. We had a more serious meeting back at my office. He told me between our four walls and his boss (she's an awesome woman) that she has decided to have two of him in the south and halving the southern region sales force in two. And he asked me if I wanted the job!!

Meaning I've been offered my boss' job to manage the southeast sales force! And he will manage the south-west. Lovely pay-rise that will be...and less work lol

I guess standing my ground and promoting my years of experience and performance, in our little spat a few weeks ago, paid off. Coupled with one of my branch managers who waved her finger at him saying he is foolish to attempt to downgrade my abilities saying, "She can do your job with her eyes closed".... Lol

So hmm, I'm waiting for the word now for when this will take effect.

On another note, got a new set of lashes done this evening ready for my double dates this weekend lol 😂🤣 my lashes lady is the best!