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DreamLand of mine
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2021-09-10 03:02:23 (UTC)

In dreams a student killed all ..

In dreams a student killed all 600 students into ghosts for being another school ,and as many teachers as he could hill also.I was looking for the truth and in the end after he killed the last several students , u just noticed I was one of the ghosts who had been dead.

In it I don't like mom using weakness of my boss to buy me a job by corruption. I quit it.

In dreams I yelled to her,whatever kinds of jobs I did,how much i made by it, could anybody do these too many works for me when I was too tired? She just pushed me to be someone who she bought and liked.and even felt guilty a little bit.she doesn't like me, I know,but can't believe she used all her money to buy someone I don't wanna to be most-a communist-to enforce me to be.cause I thought these money were used for her rest of lives.