My secret life
2021-09-09 07:27:58 (UTC)

Further out front

I just got back in from going out the front door again. This is my second venture, and I ventured even farther this time.

As I stepped out onto my front porch I’m noticing the weather is getting cooler, but no matter, I’m up for the née adventure. The front is lite up, and I’m at first cautious about being in the light, but after walking in-front of my neighbors doors, I set out into the open, well lit roadway and parking lot. I’m now very visible if anyone were to look out their window or door. As I cross the street to the other parking lot I make my way to the older neighbors side yard where she has a patio door facing me. As I go between her place, and the unit that houses the Indian couple, I make my way into the back of the older woman’s condo. I can feel the damp, even semi wet grass on my bare feet as I walk further away from my building and condo. I then make it the the far side of the other end of the building that houses the older women. As I’ve crossed the back of the unit, I’m looking to be sure there are no open blinds in the upper windows of the condos. I’ve now been out for close to 10 minutes, as I continue moving in the dark area behind the condos. As I stood looking for a place to go next, I then make my way around the far side of the unit where again lighting makes me visible again. I make my way towards the front where now I’m completely out in the open, and in the light. There is another building directly across from the unit I have just walked behind from. I can be seen clearly from that building. Have I gone to far? I look to see where my next possible move is, but decide to return to my building as by now, I’ve been out for over 20 minutes.

I made it back home, back inside my condo feeling I’ve accomplished a lot on this trip. I’m now thinking about a further roam out my back batik door. We’ll see.