If I die today
2021-09-08 15:50:29 (UTC)


This is to greg a guy I chatted with a little from my Tinder dating days
so Im sorry that I was not straight forward with you about the ending of things I didnt know which direction to tak in my life . I still dont know but anyhow I appreciated your kind heart care/concern and your faith was impressive. Your story is very humbling and encouraging its heartaching too yet God is doing a good work. Im glad you have support and help and that you have hope and fiath. Dont be discouraged. Your a man of God remain encouraged walking in faith and truth Pour out into your son raise him up to be a man. Society is sick and fallen and what a real gift you are to be a real man. A man from God and that you are willing to live honoring to him and accepting his grace. Please forgive me I still dont have the courage to tell you what I've done in many ways its a very distrubing story I feel happy thou and I wouldnt change who I'm with maybe how it all came about but sometimes I have wondered if I made the wrong choice. Anyhow I hope you find all your needs met and find the perfect partner for you to love and that will respect and honor and value you . keep working on your business and being faithful with all you have . It was a unquie postive expiernce getting to know you . While I do have some anxiety issues and health concerns as life was spiraling I was also falling in love unexspectedly I should have gave you the whole story. I know you dont need detials but you deserve respect and truth.