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2021-09-08 23:54:08 (UTC)

Heres what i do...

Before im about to buy something i ask me a question. Is it worth it??

Is the money im willing to spend actually justify what the object will do for me.

if i pay a thousand bucks for a shoe, is it any better than a twenty dollar one? whats the material like? how long will it last? do i really need it?

if the twenty dollar shoe can feel the same and do the same and look the same then why would i pay the extra?

by having this debate in your head all the time you get to see through the bullshit of all the advertising and the branding done out there.

even if i was stinking rich i wouldn't buy an apple product. ive been using windows and apple products for over 5 years and there is nothing that can be ONLY done on any one. from video editing to graphics. everything can be done on both. and i will ALWAYS pick windows over MAC. the pros just outweigh the cons in owning a windows system. hands down. this is my own experience working with systems all my adult life. if i can do it on windows then why would i pay that extra for essentially the same output?? and when it comes to product care we all know how apple fucks us from behind with their subscriptions and shit. in windows literally just open it up and change it yourself.


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