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2021-09-08 15:02:27 (UTC)

Phwoar!! 🥵

Phwoar! 🥵 Isn't it el-toastio outside-io today......🥵🥵 just like my knickers 😈

My navy marine has got his own level of hotness, heating me up and dowsing me down 😏😉😝

He calls me "TT" unbeknown of my surname....well I have two, my maiden name and former married name I use both....but he calls me "TT" meaning, "Tantalizing T***" (my forename)

"TT, can we not see each other Friday night, go for a drink and if goes well, recovene for Saturday for our walk with bach beside the sea?"

I told him no, I just want to do the walk first...and if all goes swimmingly, we can commence with the trillions of exciting adventures he wants to whisk me away on. Obviously, my daughter will get involved on some of those adventures eventually, but first I've got to see how the sailors boat floats, sways, dips and bows.....if you get my drift.

Lmao 🤣😂

I've been super duper ladylike with him, only allowing very subtle hints of the crazed sex goddess in me, lol....but last night I discovered something I was OVER the MOON about! How I managed it without asking it and not divulging my insatiable smuttiness just leaves me thinking I should be earning dosh (money) from my skills, 🤣😂

Anywaaaay's......he's words, "I do also like to be inside a woman's backside up to the hilt"
*takes a bow* thank you, thank you 🙏 my cravings have been answered! Yes, fuck yes....👌

Now, we don't get all smutty chitter chatter like the other dating players did....we breeze over it without to much attention, because I know, he knows, the filth, the imagination is rife and it's not needed. The chemistry is rising, flaming in fact, and he is talking to friends, mentioning me, and telling me all about them.

He is very adventurous, open-minded sexually and that's important to me. I'm excited, my knickers are not, poor things. I keep putting a dampner on them 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Shhhh 🤫

He keeps telling me there is no "If we" its only "When we" meaning he's made his mind up about me already. I'm the one holding back, staying head over vagina, lol.

My pervy boss booked in to see me tomorrow morning, he's driving 3.5 hrs to have a business '1-1' with me 🙄. He irritates me, even though he's sexy, still a slithering snake though. Not my cuppa tea. Boss off, already.

I think my navy sailor is a bit rich too, he doesn't seem to be working, even though he is but has lots of fancy cars, a big home by the ocean, and usually goes on holiday a lot, and adventures. He's got that chiselled captain marine look, crossed with a rich yachter, and businessman.

Quite exciting times for me, to meet a man who acts like an adult, treats people correctly, has manners, morals, compassion and passion for life and others less fortunate. Honourable.

Right up my street. 😉

I'm only now starting to ponder over getting some hot sex! And possibly if I like him more, some forever sex lol, and romance and all that jazz too....I've not got my claws into somebody since April! And it was soo hardcore then, it's makes these passing months seem even longer.

At least i'll go down in glorious moments when our world falls to it's knees. 🌈