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2021-09-08 12:44:27 (UTC)

food makes me happy..

to gorge and feast on meat is something which makes me happy. its a simple thing. just having some good meat.

it's a double whammy for me. firstly living in a predominant vegetarian country where most meat is banned it kinda sucks. so when i get my chance to have anything which isn't fuckking local it brings me intense joy. cause i hate these asshats. and their indian veg food. and i am a carnivore so thats good. in my school days i used to get teased on getting some meat for lunch. in my workplace i used to sit alone since the veg bastards didn't want any meat on the table. so yeaa i gre a strong sense of resentment. who wouldnt??

ask me to move from this shithole. absolutely. but don't have the resources yet. and running away isn't the solution right? why should a minority such as me have to suffer cause the majority doesn't like something. democracy my ass. it's down right dictatorship but the ones favoring are in numbers so they won't speak out.

typical of all countries. we elect idiots. they make a mess. everyone suffers except the elected idiots who keep getting rich.