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2021-09-07 22:09:54 (UTC)

Saying goodbye to a friend 🥲

I'm happy for my friend that's moving to Texas. She got all her paperwork done. House sold, stuff hauled away or most anyway. She's leaving next week Friday I think. We watched our last movie together tonight. I'm gonna miss her. She was one of my core friends. She was there during my divorce helping me cope with the betrayal and all that fun juicy drama way back then. She was the friend I needed when I needed a friend the most. But she's not going to Mars so I'm for sure going to visit her in Texas. It was a good move for her. Nothing is happening for her here in Sacramento. I think I was her best friend but not that many more friends were as close so I'm pretty sure she was lonely for someone too. I think Texas will be a good change of scenery for her and her Mom and other relatives are moving there too so that makes it even better for her. She gave me my garage remote to my house. She and a select few have my remote or house key in case of emergencies. Or if they used to come on by and I used to tell them don't bother knocking and just come in. It did feel funny getting it back. It is a reality slap that she is indeed going and will be gone next week. I do feel sad thinking about it but life does go on and I am happy for her to make that move. A big life choice similar to when I left Hawaii to come to CA for a better life. I look back and I think I made the right choice.

This makes me think about my future. I already locked in my pension so I can do what I want whenever I want. It's just that my job is actually fun so I stay because of that and my friends of course. Only my asshat boss makes it tempting to think about retirement but only in short flashes. I would like to top $125 K and I think that's still possible via a promotion or just normal contract negotiations. We shall see. It's just a relief to know that I do have a pension where most people don't and are living paycheck-to-paycheck. I know how that is. Been there done that. I admit, I got lucky landing this job. They hired 6 or 7 out of 4-5 hundred applicants from what my Supervisor told me when they picked me. Yup, I was curious and I guess it's ok to find out how many applied after you get hired. Whew. Sorry but not sorry for the other 494 peeps that didn't get it.

If I moved, I will miss my gym peeps and my meetup peeps. I've been friends with a lot of my meetup peeps since 2009. My dart friends even longer even though I don't play darts anymore we still keep in touch on FB. My gym peeps are another group of peeps I would miss. But I know full well that I can make new friends again wherever I go. There will be another crossfit gym that will have similar stuff and they for sure will be willing to take my money. Darts are played all over the world so I could go back to that if I wanted to. Not sure about meetup and how popular it is in other States. That one I may have some struggles with. Hmmmmm.

In lighter news, I did get my headlights on my Acura cleaned up. I can see way better now. I think at least 80% of the light was being blocked because of the fogged up lenses. Coming home from the movies, I can see way better once again. The light goes all the way across the road and into the sidewalk. I can see the divider clearly again so it's almost as good as new. I thought that since the Acura is old, I'd also need to get new bulbs for my headlights but I see that I don't.

Well, it's only 10:30 but I think I have a lot of thinking to do tonight. That hamster wheel in my head will be doing a lot of thinking. Hopefully I get some sleep before gym class tomorrow morning and I'll also be back to the grind. Good night for now diary.

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