My Boring Life
2021-09-08 03:44:17 (UTC)

Owner Of A Lonely Heart

I'm feeling lonely tonight. A little over halfway through this case of beer. I wish I had someone to talk to. Instead I'm sitting here in the dark letting my mind wander. Thinking about random shit followed by sad shit. Maybe some dark and twisted thoughts too. I think spending too much time alone is bad. I'd get online and chat but I can't seem to find many people to talk to. Anyway I figure since I'm keeping a journal I can keep track of some of these random thoughts.
Random Thought #1
Like, do tasmanian devils really spin? I've never come across a video of the real animal spinning like the cartoon character does. I mean I know it's a cartoon but I thought maybe it was based on something. I guess my childhood was a lie haha.
Solar storms could fuck up the internet and not sure if the news is trying to get us hyped up or if it's a real possibility but I read that we could basically get thrown into what they called an internet apocalypse. No internet. I mean I grew up before internet but that was a long time ago. Sometimes I've needed it. No more ordering stuff online. I'm imagining getting an Amazon catalog in the mail. That's how I had to order stuff in those days. Hopefully it won't be a big deal. Humans are going to over look something eventually and it will wipe us out. Global warming for example. Some people think it's bull but the science makes sense. Also, all of the space junk and satellites floating around our planet. Could it eventually block out the sun? Could something fall on us and kill us like on that show Dead Like Me? Someone made a sad joke and said Earth looks like a less pretty version of Saturn bc Saturn has rings around it and we have the garbage floating around our planet. It's terrible what people have done. And it will only get worse. Some guy in China ( I think) said he wanted to bring back the Woolly Mammoth using some Jurassic park type technology. When the reporter asked him "Why?". He basically said just because they can. Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should.
Robots are kinda crazy af these days too. Some guy had a friend that died and he made a robot in his image. It was creepy. The robot said something about keeping people in a people zoo. It was fucking weird. That was just one creepy robot but I've seen a lot of them.
It's becoming perfectly acceptable to be racist toward white people here in the US. Even white people are saying racist shit against their own race. Some girl on YouTube said " Us white people are shady as fuck". Now it does sound funny the way she says it but what she is saying is the white race is bad. I mean Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross were white and they were great. Some people are bad. Some people are racist. Lots of people have done fucked up things all throughout history. But you can't tell me I'm bad just because I'm white. The media is pushing this and everyone seems to be following right along with it like sheep. In 50 years or so some white people will start saying that the tables turned and will say white people are being discriminated against. Race doesn't really matter. In a few hundred years all humans will look mixed because all of the races breeding with each other. Maybe that will be good. The sad thing is that true injustices are actually happening and people are so distracted by bullshit that they miss the real stuff that is going on. Is there still racism between whites and blacks here, yes. I hear the n word regularly and people always have some dumbass reason why they use it. But I also know things are much better than they used to be. I was walking out to my car a few weeks ago and saw an elderly white lady asking a young black guy how long it took him to grow out his dreads. I doubt anything like this was happening in the 1950's. So things are slowly improving. Sometimes fucked up stuff happens like a cop shot a black guy in the back several times a few years ago. That was wrong. Usually it's just one or a few dumbasses. It isn't all white people. Hopefully most people understand that but the media is pushing so hard and unfortunately people will just go along with whatever they hear on the news. They are trying to make you watch their news channel and they will say anything to get views.

Passing out now. Goodnight.