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I Hate Middle School
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2021-09-08 03:08:10 (UTC)

Haha Kiarra Go XbdX

Hello again,

So, ignoring my ever-growing dissatisfaction and self-hatred and for a moment, Kiarra had her first kiss last weekend!...? I don't know exactly what happened but I guess I should spell out what I've heard. I'll start from the beginning, I remember I was walking out of the school with Kiarra when she told me a kid gave her his number. At that point I was kind of sick of hearing about all the boys- no all the kids in general that like Kiarra so I was like 'oh cool, good for you'. She asked me what to do but I just teased her saying to send a weird photo we found on the internet then scolding her for asking me, the one person who has no current or previous interest in crushes and all that, for "love" advice and that was the end of it for now. A few days later I was walking to the bus with Kiarra again but there was this boy who I recognized from art class walking next to her. Once we separated from him she told me that that was the kid that gave her his number. I told her he (Aiden) sits across from me in art and how I was surprised he did that seeing how quiet he was in class. She laughed and said that he was NOT quiet in her health class. Later she figured out that he just likes to focus on his art and I started talking to him a little. Not much, just complimenting his shirt or art and we share a paint try so we have to communicate over that. Either way, I guess they talked more in class and found out he lives close by.

This is where it gets a bit fuzzy but I'll try my best to recall it correctly. So on Sunday (possibly Saturday but I doubt it), they made plans to meet up outside of school, they went for a walk then ended up on a bridge where Aiden asks if he can kiss her. Kiarra responds with "I don't know" but he takes that as a yes and grabs her face and kisses her TONGUE AND ALL. Like what age are we!? We're in 7TH GRADE and she JUST TURNED 12! Whatever, we'll get more into my feelings on the matter later for now I'll continue with the story. So Kiarra was shocked, obviously, and I guess it was pretty akward from then on but they just continued on their walk and went home like normal. I was at Averys at the time so she told Riley about it instead. I think she would have told Riley first anyways since thats more of a them thing than an us thing but I thought I'd clarify. So after all that, we had school and I saw them both at lunch where they made a big deal about how they had to tell me something and how shocked Riley was and how shocked I'll be, but I had to wait till we were on the bus to hear. I, having perfected the art of not really caring, told them alright and that I'd see them then.

After health class we walked to the bus together with that kid still beside us. I didn't know about anything at the time so I didn't see anyting wrong but I could see Kiarra both busrsting to tell me and grimacing with akwardness. I thought I was imagining it till we actually got on the bus where she asked me if I remembered who the kid walking next to us was. After a bit of confusion on my end from bad comunication on her end I knew who we were talking about. I told her I knew the kid and she told me he kissed her. I honestly wasnt very shocked and the little bit of shock I did feel I hid it. I said something like 'oh cool' but she decided to elaborate about the woods and the... tongue... At that moment some kid randomly screamed "thats sexy" and my brain fried. I said "I didnt need to know that" while jokingly turning away and we all laughed at that. (Side note, I hate the word giggled, I had laughed as giggled and no. Just no.) After that Riley mockingly drew a picture of Kiarra and Aiden with their tounges out kissing and Kiarra ripped it up. Riley told me she was gunna draw my first kisss and I didnt really get a say in it so she drew a sloppy picture of me and another girl with long hair kissing specifically in october (just like in We Fell In Love In October) while the sun was calling us F*ggots. Riley is soooooo lucky I have a messed up sense of humor or shed be getting daily lectures from me on concideration fpr years. Riley also "predicted" the first kisses of this kid on our bus whos name I forgot, it might also be Aiden, even though he says he already had it where hes getting stood up and some other kid where she wrote something about someone saying "nice t*tties so ummmm yeah that too.

Later that day (earlier today) me and Kiarra went on a walk to Sunoco (my first time going there btw) where she told me more details I already put in like the bridge and the date which by the way was Sunday September 5th 2021 If my future self ever wants to keep track of it for whatever reason. Along with that though she asked me to try and talk to him to make it less akward on our way to the bus. Usually I'd say no because eople are scary but I think this is important to Kiarra and I've wanted to be friends with him since even before he knew Kiarra so I guess I'll try. I have no clue how I'm gunna do it but mission Aid-fren is a go >:D! Oh lord that was the stupidest thing I've ever said TUT. Either way, my songs almost over, this entries getting too long, and I'm tired so I'll write more on how that goes soon. Buh bye!