If I die today
2021-09-07 14:08:29 (UTC)


This letter is to faith from bw-mc like ages ago as for frank i cant say much he's just the boyfriend and part of the chaios but not soley the problem.
Dear faith,
Last time I saw you was in court and while it seemed like a small justice for me years later it strikes me maybe I've done wrong knowingly/ unknowningly willingly or not. I was not the best friend to you. We had the best friendship for that short time before the aprtment. It was the best thing I'd ever known in my life to have a person like you and be a friend and thank you for welcming me in your home and supporting me thru choices and seeing me thru my goofy 1st marriage. I'm sorry I took adavaget of you and toward the end I was vengeful . We were all young n dum and well I've always been a messed up person and while I may have some good excuse or reason now and something make sence some not. I want to apologise for hurting you emotionally and mentaly and I am not sure where we stnd on assest what if I am in debt to you by law or by nature so I'm sorry. I hope you have forgiven me. since our falling out I know Ive reeked a little extra havek and drama for you and on your own I think your a gentle sweet person i believe you were influenced by that boyfriend but thats myown assumation and belife. anyhow I want you to be free of all conquences of our friendship that have burdened you. At this point I have not had the desire to ever refriend you but I want to forgive you. I also hope that we have all grown into better things and have "successful" lives. Take care of yourself and your family. Also I hope your soul sees salavtion and that you have truth to stand on and grow in and protection. If I rightfully owe you something slim chance we would encounter but if we do you can respectuflly ask me for what the debt is. If i'm past away please let me debt to you go and dont distrub anyone who I left behind about it if you have anything postive or encouraging to them to bring peace please offer it. Have a nice life