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2021-09-07 10:22:34 (UTC)

Did something silly and dumb 🤪

Well, I messed up. I was used to our Saturday gym schedule and yesterday we had special gym session hrs due to the holiday. Well, I took the day off and proceeded to go to the 9:30AM class. Low and behold, when I got there, most of the parking was already taken. I knew there was no way everyone all of a sudden turned over a new leaf and got there early. I was right. I did a quick check and saw that class started at 9AM! Doh!!! I already drank my pre-workout drink so I'm all revved up ready to rock but alas, I gotta chill instead. Good thing I'm single. I'd feel sorry for the damage I'd do to my girlfriend if I had one right now. hehe. I can only dream for now.

So... I guess my schedule of "to dos" just got pushed up a little earlier than planned. I'll be at the next class though. Triple check the schedule just to make sure. hehe. One of my to dos is to work on my Acura headlight. It's all foggy due to age so I bought a kit that supposedly will fix it. There's some sanding involved and then a uv protector to coat it. We shall see. If I'm not satisfied, I'll just buy a new headlight assembly. It's hard at night to drive my Acura because the light is being blocked by the foggy lens. So we'll see how that goes.

I asked my sweetie to come over to the U.S. She isn't actually my sweetie. It's just something I put in my head because that's how men are at times and I dig her a lot. I know it won't happen and probably should have just not said anything but if I didn't, I'd never know. Now I know. haha. It's ok. Better than sitting idly by watching the world pass you by without making a move. Again, like that Frogger game I use as a comparison, if you don't move and not try to make it across the river, you die doing nothing.

I just noticed something funny and my first. I'm home from gym in my gym clothes. My feet are nice and dry. I'm not sweating. I smell nice with a touch of La-Male cologne. Hair is still in the ok-to-go-out look. Hehe. Never came home from the gym nice and clean before. Ok, enough procrastinating. Time go get poop done and not waste the day away. TV for now.