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2021-09-07 14:04:37 (UTC)

Farmer Giles and his Farming Fucker Friends

Farmer Giles: "Afternoon, country bumpkins."

Residents: "Hi, farmer giles. How's the farming going?

Farmer Giles: "Myself and my farming fucker friends have made a decision."

Residents: "Oh right, what decision might that be?"

Farmer Giles: "Due to the boiling hot weather, and not giving a fuck, Brexit and the bullshit. We have decided to cover all our fields surrounding you with shit. To clarify - feaces."

Residents: "What! You fucking fuckers! We can't close our windows in heat like this!"

Farmer Giles: "As I said, we dont give a fuck. Enjoy our shit 👍"

Residents: "Tossers."