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2021-09-07 08:03:37 (UTC)


When you are in your work, and you think of someone's face. It is better to accept that you think of them. Maybe because you got hurt. Maybe because you used to like? Maybe you did bad to them? Instead of avoiding your thoughts. Try to become realistic. You cannot force your mind to stop from thinking but you can control and manage them by simply allowing the thoughts to come to your mind. Think that you are normal, not extraordinary. You are just a normal person, a human. Don't think yourself as special. Accept that you lack something. Don't listen to people and thinking that they listen to your mind. If they do then just keep on going because it was not your control. But it was not then don't overthink. If you still have intrusive thoughts to someone, maybe you should talk to them. There might be something that made you feel this way. You cannot use excuses to keep on thinking. It would be better to let these thoughts come right through your mind and just keep going. Regardless of thinking it, you keep going forward instead of thinking what you just think. It is not worth of time dwelling over unnecessary thoughts that you cannot control. If your mind happen to have intrusive thoughs inside your mind, then just do your stuff and let these thoughts pass. Don't think that they will hear it, if they do, it was their thing for them to get hurt from knowing. Which is the suffering of knowing the truth. But it is better to think that no one hears your mind. Yet that shouldn't stay longer, and find a way to clear these thoughts that is holding you back. Clean your mind and fill it with positive thoughts in the mean time. When you receive positive affirmations, accept instead of thinking of hidden intentions. Stop thinking that you someone is listening to your mind! Why are they interested in your thoughts anyway? You are just useless and shit so no one wants to hear your mind anyway.