Shit I Write Down
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2021-09-06 11:56:00 (UTC)

Life Updates Pt. 1

I got great news and lots of life updates about my future career and college plans. First off, my idea and path I wanted to take for my future career, not going to lie has changed a lot. When I mean a lot, I mean about 4 times. I have taken many courses for many different majors. As I am currently majoring to become a Vet Tech, which started off strong but I was always a little hesitant. It felt almost like I wanted it but at the same time I didn’t. Mostly that turned out to be that I didn’t want that career anymore. My passion and desire is no longer there. Recently, I feel like a light sparked in my head and I now know what I want my future career to be. For the past 10 years I have always been so fascinated and loved watching crime shows, movies, and documentaries. The other day when I started watching the show "Clickbait," which was so incredible. This felt like a sign because of how much I enjoyed the show, that I want to work in criminal justice. As a criminal analyst, that is my new dream/goal.

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